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Electronic Beams – photo electronic detectors

Electronic Beams are by far the most reliable and cost effective means of detection and these can be disguised in order not to alert the criminal of their presence.

Electronic Beams rely on an infrared light source that flashes at a constant frequency and if an object blocks the receiver for even a millisecond, the unit will cause an alarm.

Generally we install photo electronic beams around the perimeter wall, or across the line of electric fencing , this gives the client peace of mind, that should a perpetrator gain access over electric fencing, the beam will activate the alarm and signal the armed response company.

Useful notes on outdoor beams:

At The Security Way, we realize that no two alarm or electric fence systems can be exactly the same, therefore try the following solutions or ask your outdoor beam or electric fence installer about the following suggestion:

Install your outdoor beam directly behind your electric fence perimeter, this will give you additional boundary security should your electric fence ever fail due to lightning damage, lack of maintenance or whatever reason.

See below for more on standard specs on photo electronic beams (outdoor beams):

  • Lightning and surge protection
  • 99% beam locking stability
  • Adjustable beam interruption time
  • Twin beams requires simultaneous interruption to create activation
  • Easy installation and alignment using viewfinder for rough alignment and voltage meter jacks for fine-tuning
  • Sealed optics to prevent ingress of insects and dust
  • Automatic gain control
  • Anti-frost design




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    Photo Electronic beams, for peace of mind


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    Electronic Perimeter Beams

    Electronic beams are installed to detect perpetrators before they get to your property or into your property, if installed correctly.

    This is a very cost effective and reliable way of securing the perimeter around your property.

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