Alarm Systems and perimeter outdoor passives

Whether you need to have a new alarm installed or upgrade your existing alarm system, The Security Way provide a wide range of security alarm systems including hand wired, pet-immune PIR’s and, outside perimeter protection.

The Security Way will design a tailor-made system to meet your needs, whether it is to protect your entire house or selected rooms; you can choose the number of sensors to install. Our basic package is more than sufficient for the average house, yet if you need to add extra protection, the system is completely adaptable to individual needs. Smoke detectors, wireless pendants, and a variety of other components are available to meet your needs.

Modern Burglar Alarms are entirely electronic. A master control unit is connected to sensors by low voltage wiring, or by narrowband radio frequency signal. These sensors include movement sensors and sensors which detect the opening of a door. Some sensors are designed to disregard movement of pets. When the sensors are triggered, the burglar alarm systems will activate a horn, siren, or flashing light. Burglar alarms can also be structured into zones within the house. For example, the first floor can be treated as one zone, which can be set separately from the second floor.

Perimeter Outdoor Passives offers flexibility, reliability and peace of mind. Perimeter Passives were designed through the concept of using beams and indoor passives technology. Outdoor passives are extremely reliable and cost effective. Outdoor passives can be set to pet friendly, 23m distance 5 degree, 12m wide angle etc.